Personalized attention for each student

Our highly qualified staff, along with our small class sizes, ensures personalized attention for each student. Please enjoy the bio’s of our faculty below:


Ginny Lovick

Staff_Ginny2Ginny Lovick is the principal of The Victoria School for Ideal Education.  Prior to working at VSIE, she worked in the BC public school system as a special education teacher, a librarian and a grade 2 teacher. In 1988, she was one of a group of parents and teachers who founded The Victoria School for Ideal Education to provide Consciousness Based Education for their own children and has been working at the school as a teacher and administrator since then.

She has seen the long term benefits of having meditation as part of the school program in her own children who are now in their early thirties and continue to find TM a very helpful and important tool for being happy and successful.  She is passionate about giving children the opportunity to play and learn in natural environments and has been conducting weekly Outdoor Education field trips to local mountains, beaches and forests for the past three years.

This has become a popular and important part of the VSIE curriculum.

She says, “The VSIE teaching team is very cohesive, competent and professional.  I am proud to be a part of it and love coming to this wonderful school every day.”

Colleen Lissamer

Staff_ColleenColleen has been a teacher at the Victoria School for Ideal Education for 14 years.  She has also taught in independent and public schools in England and Canada.  Colleen completed her original training in Newcastle Upon Tyne England and in the early years of her career, had the opportunity to teach in a small village school, an open plan school, and inner city schools.

She completed her B.Ed at the University of Saskatchewan with a specialization in Fine Arts.  Colleen feels strongly that a “one size fits all” approach to education does not serve children well and that opening up the imagination is the key to successful learning.  Colleen says “I  base my teaching day on a integrated approach which balances work and play, rest and activity, order and reasonable messiness, teacher direction and student choices.  We must be creative in making it possible for children to engage in their own learning process”.

Sr. Kerry Rowland, SC.

Staff_KerrySister Kerry was born in Victoria but has lived in many different areas including Halifax, Nova Scotia, Surrey, England and Boston Massachusetts.

She has taught (as a Sister of Charity) for more than 25 years, mainly in multilingual, multicultural situations. She has a Masters Degree in teaching English as a Second Language. She enjoys teaching many subjects but French and Language Arts are particular favorites.



Trevor Gilbertson



Bio coming soon!





Miryam Huchet



Miryam has a Bachelor of Education degree, taught at a Waldorf school as a Kindergarten and French teacher, and has cared for children and adults with special needs. She loves being in nature, making things with her hands, gardening and nurturing others to grow.

She is excited to be part of a team that is developing the new outdoor classroom and wants to learn more about creativity, the SCI principles, and inquiry-based learning.



Pat Whitney

Pat Whitney has been involved with the Victoria School for Ideal Education since it’s inception in 1988.  She received a general bachelor degree with a concentration in English and Psychology at the University of Victoria in 1992 and three years later received her teacher’s degree at the same university.  Pat taught at the school for a number of years and is at present a member of the board of directors, assists in administration and is one of our special education assistants.  She has been practicing the Transcendental Meditation Technique for many years and is a firm believer in the effectiveness of TM for children.  She says,

“At VSIE we offer children a very important opportunity to learn to meditate.  This simple effortless technique is a proven tool to reduce stress and increase happiness.  The children at our school, by meditating twice a day, are opening doors to lifelong success.”