Hatching Quails

The Gr 5/6 class successfully hatched 16 baby quails.  The entire process began with incubating the eggs, which required keeping their classroom extra warm and toasty, and once the eggs hatched, the students all pitched in to move them to their temporary home and were involved in all aspects of their care. The entire school […]

Halloween Fun

The students enjoyed last weeks Halloween 🎃 festivities, which included an opportunity for them to bring their costumes and dress up as well the older and younger students carving pumpkins together. After the carving was finished, pumpkin seeds were roasted and shared with the entire school.

Great Adventures

A natural focus of the day to day curriculum at VSIE is exploration.  Exploration both at the school and in the community encourages curiosity and sense of adventure while promoting learning and confidence.  The following pictures illustrate some of the exploration the younger students have been engaging in. Exploring a Garry Oak path allows the […]

VSIE School Year Off To A Great Start

Our school blog, after a short delay, kicks off this week with it’s first post, with weekly posts to follow throughout the year.  The classes at VSIE have been busy settling into the rhythm and routine of the new school year, with the Kindergarten and Grade One classes excitedly awaiting the opening of their classrooms […]

Visiting Author

The Gr 4/5 class were fortunate to have Kari Jones, a published author,  generously share her time with their class and do a reading from one of her books, “Out of Season”. It was wonderful to have a published author come to help the students with the writing process.

Salmon Dissection

The grade 4/5 class had the opportunity to dissect and learn about the body parts of a salmon. And most of the students remained interested, despite the smell & blood!

Bollywood Dancing!

The grade 4-8’s have been fortunate to have the opportunity for once a week dance classes, which was set up by Sharon, a VSIE parent…the first two week session was learning Bollywood dance. “We had a fantastic time learning Bollywood Dance from Viral, direct from Mumbai India!”

Outdoor Classroom

VSIE embraces the principle of using the outdoors as an extended part of the classroom Here the grade 4/5’s are enjoying their outdoor education, and exploring different ecosystems.

Victoria Gymnastics

Once again, the K-8 grades enjoyed our once a week visits to Victoria Gymnastics…. These sessions began after the winter break, and continued up until the beginning of spring break…