Christmas Open House

Before the holidays we had our annual Christmas open house for parents and friends. The open house included a fundraiser held by the grade six/seven class where the students provided snacks and sold hand made Christmas cards to raise money to donate to Plan Canada Gifts for Hope. The grade four/five class presented a Christmas […]

Dreidel Makers

  We were very fortunate that Lynne, one of the parents, came in to the classroom and gave the grade 4 and 5 class a talk about Hanukkah before the holidays, as well give each of them a dreidel to take home. Some students who do not celebrate Hanukkah got to experience and appreciate new […]

Grade 4-5 Gardening and Body Sculpting

The grade 4-5 class have been very busy this month. We’ve been studying the Human Body, and the students enjoyed presenting their body systems to each other. Theo is our gardener. In the spring, he helped break the ground and plant the seeds. He keeps the garden watered and now he is harvesting tomatoes and […]

Grade 6-8 – Guerrilla Art

The grade 6-8 class goes on weekly outdoor education excursions.  These trips are important for the students’ social and emotional growth.  It is wonderful to see them grow as a group throughout the year as they learn to work with, and trust, each other.  On one particularly soggy day we set out to create “guerrilla […]

Kindergarten and Grade 1 – First Week 2014/2015

We Love Our Classroom with no Walls Kindergarten and Grade One enjoyed their first week of the new school year exploring the outdoor classroom. A happy place for exploration, play, nature learning, and stories, the children were able to do much of their learning outside. The students are getting to know each other, friendships are […]