Nature Based Curriculum, Kindergarten to Grade 8

nature based curriculum, Victoria School for Ideal Education

nature based curriculum

Students at all grade levels enjoy daily experiences in nature, whether it is in our beautiful outdoor nature classroom behind the school with its protected Sequoia and Garry Oak Trees or in the local forests, mountains, and beaches. Our nature based curriculum allows the students to connect with nature through hands-on activities that inspire inquiry, imagination and enthusiasm. Among many other things, they are learning about ecosystems, native plants, and how to restore lost habitat.

Every day, they observe the expression of laws of nature that are central to our curriculum such as: “The nature of life is to grow, Order is present everywhere, Rest and activity are the steps of progress, Every action has a reaction, and The whole is more than the sum of the parts”.

Understanding the inter-connectedness of all living things brings about respect and care for our natural surroundings. Our purpose is to develop citizens who have a deep understanding of their part in nature and who are able to make wise, enlightened decisions for our living together and for the preservation of our natural heritage.