Halloween Fun

The students enjoyed last weeks Halloween 🎃 festivities, which included an opportunity for them to bring their costumes and dress up as well the older and younger students carving pumpkins together. After the carving was finished, pumpkin seeds were roasted and shared with the entire school.

Great Adventures

A natural focus of the day to day curriculum at VSIE is exploration. ¬†Exploration both at the school and in the community encourages curiosity and sense of adventure while promoting learning and confidence. ¬†The following pictures illustrate some of the exploration the younger students have been engaging in. Exploring a Garry Oak path allows the […]

Christmas Open House

Before the holidays we had our annual Christmas open house for parents and friends. The open house included a fundraiser held by the grade six/seven class where the students provided snacks and sold hand made Christmas cards to raise money to donate to Plan Canada Gifts for Hope. The grade four/five class presented a Christmas […]