Personalized attention for each student

Our highly qualified staff, along with our small class sizes, ensure personalized attention for each student. Please enjoy the bios of our faculty below:


Ginny Lovick

Staff_Ginny2Ginny Lovick is the Principal of The Victoria School for Ideal Education. Prior to working at VSIE, she worked in the BC public school system as a librarian and teacher. In 1988, she was one of a group of parents and teachers who founded The Victoria School for Ideal Education to provide Consciousness-Based Education for their own children and has been working at the school as a teacher and administrator since then.

She has seen the long term benefits of having meditation as part of the school program in her own children who are now in their early thirties and continue to find TM a very helpful and important tool for being happy and successful. She is passionate about giving children the opportunity to play and learn in natural environments and regular Outdoor Education field trips to local mountains, beaches have become a popular and important part of the VSIE curriculum.

She says, “The VSIE teaching team is very cohesive, competent and professional.  I am proud to be a part of it and love coming to this wonderful school every day.”

Natalie Miller

Natalie is the Vice-Principal and Learning Assistant teacher for V.S.I.E. Previously she has worked in private schools, school districts and a daycare, working with students of all ages. She has found that real life samples and examples are the best teaching tools, and she appreciates the amount of nature we embed in the curriculum at our school. She truly believes that every student can learn and be successful, but their roads to academic success often look very different. She has high academic standards, compassion, flexibility and a pure enjoyment of teaching. With all of these strengths she is able to understand each student’s unique needs and assist them to flourish and grow.

Annelies Browne

Annelies holds a Masters in Education with a specialty in ESL. She brings over 25 years of teaching experience to VSIE and has taught all over the world.  Prior to VSIE Annelies was working as an educator and supervisor in the education department, at the University of Victoria. Annelies has a passion for teaching ballet and holds her teaching certificate in dance from the Royal Academy of Dance. She is also a figure skating teacher and hockey coach/referee. Annelies is excited to bring these extra-curricular skills into the classroom. When Annelies is not teaching she can be found working on her Dahlia farm or playing with her ten year old boy.

Tania Chavez

Tania has been at VSIE since 2015 as a classroom teacher and Learning Resource teacher. She received her Bachelor of Education degree and Diploma in Special Education from the UVic She has taught English to youth and adults in El Salvador, worked in public and private schools, and at READ Society as a Level B Assessor. 

Tania enjoys the learning environment at VSIE which allows daily connections to nature and meditation. Tania enjoys connecting lessons to art and play. Tania is an avid reader and enjoys sharing her love of reading with her students.

Jean Garcia

Jean completed her B.Ed at the University of Manitoba and has returned to Canada after twenty years of teaching and studying in New Zealand and Australia. She enjoys working in schools that have a collaborative approach and where diversity and individualized learning are emphasized. 

Jean is enthusiastic about learning languages and has specialized in teaching English at all grade levels from K-12. She has many interests including chess, music and art, and brings elements from all three into her classroom. Jean believes that everyone has the potential to learn at their own pace and in their own way, given the right combination of encouragement and support.

Roz Harper

Roz is an experienced classroom teacher with a passion for children and learning. She has taught grades 3 through 11, and is thrilled to be working as a kindergarten teacher at VSIE. Roz has a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre, (University of Iowa) a Master’s degree in Theatre History (University of Victoria), and a Bachelor of Education (University of British Columbia). Roz has been an active part of the school community wherever she has been — helping out with sports, drama, dance, and clubs. She loves to laugh and to learn. She believes in nurturing the individual and helping children to discover their strengths. Roz is excited to see what working with such positive energy at VSIE can accomplish.

Natasha Hollingsworth

This will be Natasha’s second year at V.S.I.E. After finishing her undergraduate and teaching degrees at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, Natasha went to teach overseas at International Schools. She spent two years teaching grade 1 in Mandalay, Myanmar, then moved to Phnom Phen, Cambodia for another year. Although she loved the travel, adventure and teaching experience she got in Asia, coming back to the West Coast was the right choice! Natasha was born and raised on Saltspring Island and enjoys camping, skiing, rowing and hiking! 

She is excited to continue working as the grade 3/4 teacher at V.S.I.E because it is an amazing little school with fun, unique and inspiring kids and teachers! She will be in the middle of completing her Masters Degree in Language and Literacy at UVIC, as well as teaching this year.

Miryam Huchet 


Miryam has been at VSIE since 2011 and enjoys doing hands-on projects with her students. She received her Bachelor of Education degree from UVic, taught English in Japan, was a Kindergarten and French teacher at the Nelson Waldorf school, lived in a L’Arche community, and has cared for children and adults with special needs. She focuses on fostering a class community and guides her students to develop a growth mindset.

She is excited to be part of the VSIE team that strives to apply the principles of creativity, intelligence and inquiry-based learning. She loves birds, being in nature, making things with her hands, gardening and nurturing beings to grow!

Jason Terfloth

Jason (aka Mr. T) completed a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Northern British Columbia and a Bachelor of Education at the University of Alberta. He has taught English as a Foreign Language in Taiwan, Environmental Education in Alberta, and Grade 3 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He has worked as a Youth Worker, coordinated activities for international students, and taught STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) to students from elementary to junior high.

Jason appreciates that young people learn in a variety of ways and seeks to continually evolve his practice to better suit his students’ needs. He sees the elementary classroom as a community, where each student should feel that their voice is both heard and valued.  

Jason is passionate about sustainability, social justice issues, and place-based learning. In his spare time, he can be found on a hike, immersed in a book, or playing sports. He is a keen explorer and enjoys learning languages.

Jackie Bainbridge

Jackie is a recent graduate from the Community, Family & Child Studies program at Camosun College. This is her first year working at VSIE as an Education Assistant and as the Out of School Care Program Manager. Previously she worked as an Early Child Care Educator Assistant for a play school and has experience working as a program lead for a variety of different organizations. Jackie works with a strength based approach, implementing different learning strategies and goal setting that is individualized for the student. She believes every child should feel included and have a sense of belonging, while learning and growing in both social and educational settings.

Jackie enjoys being by, on or in the ocean, camping, hiking, journaling and reading. She is creative and loves to joke and have fun with the people around her. She is excited to be able to work at a school that sets every child up for success, promotes the importance of inclusion and ensures a nurturing and friendly environment.

Heidi Erhardt

Heidi has been working with children and youth for over twenty-five years in the U.S., Europe, India and Bali. She has a BA in Literature/Writing, Montessori Teaching Credential, Certificate in French Language as well as further studies in Waldorf Foundation Education and university courses in Psychology and Child Development. She founded and ran her own one-room, mixed-age school in Maui, Hawaii, blending Montessori, Waldorf and project-based learning models. Heidi has developed and facilitated programs in the public sector, worked privately with students, consulted home-school groups and has taught all subjects to students from ages four to sixteen. Devoted to alternative education models, Heidi has participated in several start-up schools and helped found a private preschool on Maui in addition to her own elementary/middle school. Heidi is most passionate about creative education, creating both a safe and playful learning environment for students as well as connecting with each child to support their individual needs.

Inspired by VSIE’s commitment to a holistic teaching model and the personal development of their students, Heidi is delighted to be assisting the school as a part-time EA this year. New to Victoria, she is excited to build community, create connections and contribute in ways that use her skills and experience. When she is not at the school, she is facilitating SoulCollage®, meditation and writing workshops, sharing tools so we may know and expressive ourselves more fully.

Fran Matkin

Fran is thrilled to be the Transcendental Meditation teacher at VSIE.  Her parents introduced her to T.M. in 1961. They had learned T.M. from Maharishi himself. They were among some of the first Canadians to learn. As early as 1968 she wanted to be a T. M. teacher. (She has a BSc HEc from UBC ’60 and a permanent teaching certificate, teaching High School Home Ec for 4 years.)  In 1986 her whole family followed their two college aged children to Fairfield Iowa to Maharishi University of Management. MUM and Maharishi School for Ideal Education offer classes from Kindergarten to PHD. She taught Kindergarten and Pre Kindergarten there for 17 years. In 2006 she completed a Master’s Degree from MUM in the Science of Creative Intelligence. In 2013 she learned to teach Transcendental Meditation. Since 2014 she has been teaching T.M. and the Science of Creative Intelligence ( SCI ) at VSIE, fulfilling a lifelong dream.

Liz Pizem   

Liz is a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) and has been working with individuals of all ages and diverse abilities for over a decade. In her role at VSIE, Liz provides guidance and support to school-based teams to increase positive student outcomes, as well as providing direct support to our students either one-on-one or in a group environment. Liz believes that educational approaches should be individualized and creative, since the learning methods that work for one student may not be successful for another. She is excited to be part of a team that supports this belief, and hopes to continue applying her education and skills in ways that maximize the learning experience for students at VSIE.

Darlene Thorlakson

Darlene has been employed at VSIE for fourteen years. Her responsibilities have included; Education Assistant, Out of School Care program, and outdoor after school care. She is able to draw upon her experience with different teachers and helping children with a variety of needs. She provides thoughtful, kind and caring support for her students social, educational, and emotional needs. Darlene’s daughter attended VSIE from Kindergarten thru to Grade 8. Darlene completed two years of post secondary education. She is an experienced practitioner of aromatherapy, massage, and pranic healing.

Shelly Tully

Shelly is an EA and Behavioural Interventionist. She has two sons, one of which has been diagnosed with autism. Her experiences as a parent, diverse abilities worker, and educator have given her a unique perspective on inclusiveness, educational support, and opportunities for children. She has a BA and an ECE. She worked at the Autism Early Intervention Program for three years, and she has also worked privately with children on the spectrum. She believes that all children are unique, that what works for one child might not work for another, and that it’s important to involve families in their children’s education. She’s excited to be part of a school with such an inclusive environment.