Personalized attention for each student

Our highly qualified staff, along with our small class sizes, ensure personalized attention for each student. Please enjoy the bios of our faculty below:


Ginny Lovick

Staff_Ginny2Ginny Lovick is the Principal of The Victoria School for Ideal Education. Prior to working at VSIE, she worked in the BC public school system as a special education teacher, a librarian and a grade 2 teacher. In 1988, she was one of a group of parents and teachers who founded The Victoria School for Ideal Education to provide Consciousness Based Education for their own children and has been working at the school as a teacher and administrator since then.

She has seen the long term benefits of having meditation as part of the school program in her own children who are now in their early thirties and continue to find TM a very helpful and important tool for being happy and successful. She is passionate about giving children the opportunity to play and learn in natural environments and has been conducting weekly Outdoor Education field trips to local mountains, beaches, and forests for the past three years.

This has become a popular and important part of the VSIE curriculum.

She says, “The VSIE teaching team is very cohesive, competent and professional.  I am proud to be a part of it and love coming to this wonderful school every day.”

Natalie Miller

Natalie is the Vice-Principal and Special Education Teacher for V.S.I.E. Previously she has worked in private schools, school districts and a daycare, working with students of all ages. She has found that real life samples and examples are the best teaching tools, and she appreciates the amount of nature we embed in the curriculum at our school. She truly believes that every student can learn and be successful, but their roads to academic success often look very different. She has high academic standards, compassion, flexibility and a pure enjoyment of teaching. With all of these strengths she is able to understand each student’s unique needs and assist them to flourish and grow.

Colleen Lissamer

Staff_ColleenColleen has been a teacher at the Victoria School for Ideal Education for 14 years.  She has also taught in independent and public schools in England and Canada.  Colleen completed her original training in Newcastle Upon Tyne England and in the early years of her career, had the opportunity to teach in a small village school, an open plan school, and inner city schools.

She completed her B.Ed at the University of Saskatchewan with a specialization in Fine Arts.  Colleen feels strongly that a “one size fits all” approach to education does not serve children well and that opening up the imagination is the key to successful learning.  Colleen says “I  base my teaching day on a integrated approach which balances work and play, rest and activity, order and reasonable messiness, teacher direction and student choices.  We must be creative in making it possible for children to engage in their own learning process”.

Miryam Huchet


Miryam has been at VSIE since 2011 and enjoys doing hands-on projects with her students. She received her Bachelor of Education degree from UVic, taught English in Japan, was a Kindergarten and French teacher at the Nelson Waldorf school, lived in a L’Arche community, and has cared for children and adults with special needs. She focuses on fostering a class community and guides her students to develop a growth mindset.

She is excited to be part of the VSIE team that strives to apply the principles of creativity, intelligence and inquiry-based learning. She loves birds, being in nature, making things with her hands, gardening and nurturing beings to grow!

Jean Garcia

Jean completed her B.Ed at the University of Manitoba and has returned to Canada after twenty years of teaching and studying in New Zealand and Australia. She enjoys working in schools that have a collaborative approach and where diversity and individualized learning are emphasized. 

Jean is enthusiastic about learning languages and has specialized in teaching English at all grade levels from K-12. She has many interests including chess, music and art, and brings elements from all three into her classroom. Jean believes that everyone has the potential to learn at their own pace and in their own way, given the right combination of encouragement and support.

Liz Pizem

Liz is a Board-Certified Assistant Behaviour Analyst (BCaBA), and is currently working on completing a Master of Professional Education degree with a specialization in Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA). Before starting at VSIE, she worked for 7 years as a behaviour interventionist for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and as a support worker for adults with acquired brain injuries. Liz believes that educational approaches should be individualized and creative since the learning methods that work for one child may not be successful for another. She is excited to work for a school that supports this belief, and hopes to continue applying her own education and skills in ways that maximize the learning experiences for the students at VSIE.

Blaine Scott

Blaine has been a teacher at The Victoria School for Ideal Education since 2016. He has lived in Victoria all his life, and he completed his B.Ed at the University of Victoria in 2013. He worked as a Teacher on Call in the Sooke School District for one and a half years, and has held many other jobs working with children in areas such as child care, coaching, referee mentoring, and educational assistance.

Blaine strongly believes that children succeed in and out of the classroom when they feel safe, heard and respected, and that children excel at learning when many different teaching styles are offered, because no two children learn the same way. He feels our mistakes are our best teachers, and that the quote by Batman, “Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall,” is true for us all.

Anna Pye

Anna Pye is a teacher, artist and adventurer. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Kelowna, British Columbia and Bachelor of Education in the Kootenays. Anna is passionate about Yoga and received her yoga training in Costa Rica and completed Kids Yoga training in Victoria BC.

Anna was born in New Delhi, India and has organized volunteer school trips to Kenya, India and Ecuador. She has been teaching for 9 years and has experience teaching ESL in Nicaragua where she volunteered ’16-’17.

Anna loves the ocean and is passionate about green living. She loves painting, filmmaking and sculpture. Anna believes that all children learn in their own ways and values The Victoria School for Ideal Education’s approach to learning through hands on, nature based experiential learning. Anna is excited to be a part of this amazing, collaborative and forward thinking school.

Jason Cruickshank

Jason is returning to the classroom after many years of teaching the Arrowsmith Program at Eaton Arrowsmith School in Vancouver and Victoria. The Arrowsmith Program is designed for students with specific learning difficulties to strengthen their cognitive capacities and overcome their learning challenges. During his time as teacher and principal there, he was fortunate to learn and utilize methods of neuroplasticity, non-violent communication, growth mindset, and positive psychology. Jason is an outdoor enthusiast — hiking, biking, camping, paddling, and other activities — and is looking forward to incorporating learning inside and outside of the classroom as well as connecting the curriculum to our daily lives through experiential activities.

Kelly Wakeham

Kelly received a BSc. in Geography from the University of Victoria and a Community Support and Education Assistant Certificate from Camosun College. With several years of personal and professional experience supporting children and youth with specific learning challenges, Kelly joined the staff at VSIE in 2015. She believes that every child’s potential is enriched when education occurs in a diverse and inclusive environment. In her role as an EA, Kelly enjoys finding new ways of introducing the fun of science and math to the students she supports.

Kelly first discovered VSIE in 2013 when she registered her young son in kindergarten class. The compassion and dedication her own son received from the staff at VSIE convinced Kelly this would be a wonderful place to learn, grow, inspire – and to be inspired. The warm sense of community that exists between the staff and families at VSIE is truly unique. She appreciates being part of a team that excels at encouraging the creativity and individuality of every child.

Roz Harper

Roz is an experienced classroom teacher with a passion for children and learning. She has taught grades 3 through 11, and is thrilled to be working as a kindergarten teacher at VSIE. Roz has a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre, (University of Iowa) a Master’s degree in Theatre History (University of Victoria), and a Bachelor of Education (University of British Columbia). Roz has been an active part of the school community wherever she has been — helping out with sports, drama, dance, and clubs. She loves to laugh and to learn. She believes in nurturing the individual and helping children to discover their strengths. Roz is excited to see what working with such positive energy at VSIE can accomplish.

Shelly Tully

Shelly is an EA and Behavioural Interventionist. She has two sons, one of which has been diagnosed with autism. Her experiences as a parent, diverse abilities worker and educator have given her a unique perspective on inclusiveness, educational support, and opportunities for children. She has a BA and an ECE. She worked at the Autism Early Intervention Program for three years, and she has also worked privately with children on the spectrum. She believes that all children are unique, that what works for one child might not work for another, and that it’s important to involve families in their children’s education. She’s excited to be part of a school with such an inclusive environment.