SmilingKidsIn a recent government inspection, The Victoria School for Ideal Education was commended “for its warm and nurturing school learning environment. The depth of care for each student, the level of personal support provided, and the degree of empathy displayed, all contribute to a family-like atmosphere and encouraging school setting for students.” External Evaluation Report by The Inspector of Independent Schools, Independent Schools Branch, BC Ministry of Education.

Schools around the world offering Consciousness-Based Education are characterized by the respect and affection between students and their teachers and by the kindness and cooperation in the student’s interactions with each other. In addition to the daily practice of the Transcendental Meditation Technique, a technique for eliminating stress, the teachers employ Principles of Ideal Teaching.


 Using these principles to teach means that the teacher:

  • Maintains a respectful relationship with each student that values his/her uniqueness.
  • Connects whatever we teach to a bigger reality: start with the whole, teach the parts, and go back to the whole.
  • Lets the students know: they can learn; it will be useful.
  • Prepares experiences that go hand in hand with knowledge, inspiring the students to want more knowledge.

These principles are designed to enliven receptivity and intelligence in the students and to enhance their knowledge and experience, making learning joyful, successful and fulfilling.

Victoria School for Ideal Education Facilities

The Area


 Surrounded by parks and nestled into its bright home in the Oaklands neighbourhood, the Victoria School for Ideal Education is a hidden gem.

It is located on the corner of Belmont and Ryan Streets, in close proximity to Oaklands Park- a large park with a stand of mature Garry Oak Trees, a playing field and a modern, well-equipped playground which the children use every day.

The younger children do a short nature walk along a chip trail through a small oasis of trees and native plants every  morning and afternoon.

 Natural Play Space

Behind our school is a natural play space with protected Sequoia and Garry Oak Trees, a rock outcrop and space for learning and gardening.

 The Buildings 

ToursIn the spring of 2021 we fundraised over $160,000 to purchase a primary building.  Since 2012 we have expanded 3 classrooms now enjoying 7 classrooms, 2 building over 3 lots in Oaklands community.  As we expand and grow we are working towards creating a community greenhouse that classrooms can all enjoy to learn how to make sustainable food choices year round.