Our Curriculum

Like other class 1 Independent Schools, The Victoria School for Ideal Education offers an enriched BC Curriculum.   What is most special about VSIE is that we also help the children in our care to realize their full potential by integrating and expanding the curriculum to include Consciousness-Based Education.

Consciousness-Based Education:

  • nurtures the happiness and inner creative potential of every student
  • directly develops qualities such as learning ability, creativity, confidence, self-esteem and moral reasoning
  • supports the principle of “unity in diversity”, encouraging the individual growth of each student along with growth of ideal social behaviour such as tolerance and respect for others
  • develops expanded awareness and the ability to think and act spontaneously in accord with natural law

Parents, educators and students have felt something was missing in education. Consciousness-Based Education fills this gap by providing the missing element – development of the knower. For education to be complete, it must include development of consciousness and expanded awareness for every student. Consciousness-Based Education is now available to provide a holistic learning experience.

Transcendental Meditation

The most important aspect of Consciousness-Based Education is the twice daily practice of Transcendental Meditation.
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Science of Creative Intelligence (SCI)

ConsciousnessVSIE students develop an integrated, unified vision of all aspects of life through their study of the principles of the Science of Creative Intelligence — the study of the laws of nature which structure and uphold growth and progress in all of nature, including human life. Students discover the inner, more precious values of life that give rise to all of life’s outer expressions. They feel an intimate connection to these universal principles and come to understand the simple functioning of Natural Law in their own lives and in the world around them. They see that these principles are the very laws responsible for all natural phenomena in the universe: from the growth of a tiny wildflower to the growth of a great tree; from the orderly pattern in a snowflake to the orderly pattern of the seasons; from the structure of an atom to the structure of a galaxy.

The purpose of the SCI curriculum in a school is to enliven in students the understanding that there is something deep within everything — life is much more than what we see on the surface. This knowledge helps students grow in inquisitiveness and awareness of the most fundamental values of life — the universal laws of nature that are the basis of all outer growth and progress in their own lives, in nature and in the world around them.

The key value of studying SCI is that students learn the connectedness of these universal principles of creative intelligence to pure creative intelligence — their own pure consciousness, experienced in their daily practice of Transcendental Meditation. This balance of knowledge and experience creates an ideal situation for smooth and rapid growth in all areas of the students’ lives.


A rich and varied curriculum which integrates provincial learning outcomes with Consciousness-Based Education

The underlying principle of all teaching and learning at The Victoria School for Ideal Education is “Enjoy and Accomplish More”. Teachers prepare lessons and introduce tasks in a manner that ensures students are receptive and engaged. Lessons in all subjects are differentiated to cater for individual learning needs so that all students are challenged without stress or strain. By working to the best of their ability, the students experience fulfillment when successfully completing set tasks and are highly motivated to tackle the next activity.

VSIE offers opportunities for gifted and talented students in accord with our unique definition of giftedness.

The individual mind is infinitely intelligent and the potential of every student is infinite.

Consciousness Based Education develops the total brain physiology, thereby unfolding the full potential of intelligence in every student.” – Maharishi

 The infinite potential of each student is expressed in unique ways. Each student is an individual with his or her own interests, strengths and giftedness. The role of the teacher is to identify the hidden genius in each student and then foster and support its development so that the student blossoms, becoming a confident and fulfilled individual capable of making a valuable contribution to society.

Accessibility Act  

At VSIE School, we are committed to providing a learning and working environment that supports all students and staff and provides equitable opportunities to support our diverse community. A key element to supporting our community is the development of a Three-Year Accessibility Plan. This plan identifies system needs, priorities, and action plans, and draws on feedback from our school community and the work of the Accessibility Committee to enhance equity of access to programming and our facilities.

Our Accessibility Committee is a diverse and multi-disciplinary team that meets regularly to affirm our commitment to identify priorities and develop and monitor action plans highlighted in the Three-Year Accessibility Plan. The plan identifies measurable actions across the pillars of the Accessibility Act, supporting equal opportunity for persons with disabilities by identifying, removing, and preventing barriers of access.We have created an Accessibility Awareness Survey for staff, parents and students to complete over the 2023-2024 school year to gain feedback on our blind-spots. In addition, we have added an Accessibility Feedback Form in case situations arise over the year that allow us to improve our awareness of barriers.